NFL / NFL Duds of the Week

NFL duds of the week


Just about everyone but Giants fans were screaming at their televisions Sunday night for Dallas Cowboys wideout Terrence Williams to get out of bounds. He didn’t. As a result, he’s this week’s NFL Dud of the week.

Williams is a veteran wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, who showed flashes of skill during the 2014 season. He reminded me of former Cowboys WR Alvin Harper. Not anymore.

He’s not very smart. There’s no excuse for a veteran wide receiver to do what he did Sunday in the Cowboys 21-20 loss to the New York Football Giants. His answers after the game did very little to help fans understand what, exactly, was going on in Williams’ brain. “I should have gone out of bounds,” he said. Genius response, kid.

Williams admits that he knew there was 12 seconds on the clock before he caught the ball. His self awareness of the seconds left did not translate into solid judgment.

But let’s be clear: He did not cost the Cowboys the game; he did screw up a chance for the Cowboys to win the game by using the foot of the NFL’s best field goal kicker. Dan Bailey had already nailed four field goals, including a record-tying 57 yarder that would have been good from about 61 yards, which just happens to be the yardage if smartypants Williams had gotten out of bounds.

Move on.


There are other NFL Duds for honorable mention:

  • Petulance NFL players are the worst. Miami Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi refused to join the team for its game against the Seattle Seahawks after it was announced that Arian Foster would start the game. Ajayi has every right to be pissed but it’s not like he shook the NFL in his rookie year behind Lamar Thomas and he wasn’t doing anything spectacular in the preseason. Dissing your teammates because you’re not starting in a league that seems to prefer splitting carries among two backs is pretty weak.
  • Dez Bryant was playing Sunday night. It just didn’t seem like it. Sure, starting a rookie quarterback has something to do with the fact that the Cowboys didn’t launch passes a lot against the Giants, but catching one ball and dropping three, including what would’ve have been a game winning touchdown is just not acceptable for a stud of his caliber. We know he’s healthy, so that’s not the reason. It just seemed like he wasn’t aggressively trying to break away from double teams, and the play calling did very little to help his cause. Dez needs to find a way to get open though.
  • How long before Cleveland fans give up on Robert Griffin III? The only respectable thing for his first game with the Browns was the call he got from his mom during the post-game press conference. What a dud of a performance. And I seriously considered betting on a Cleveland win. Part of me wants to see this guy succeed in the Browns organization, largely because I despise the Redskins and they really treated him like crap. But it looks like his rookie year was a fluke and he’s unlikely t be an impactful NFL QB.
  • The Buffalo Bills offense. Man, I KNEW giving Tyrod Taylor a huge contract would come back to bite the Bills, kind of like how Tannehill’s similar big money contract is hurting the Dolphins. They looked horrible, and now it appears Sammy Watkins might be out for a quarter of the season or more with some leg injury. Poor Buffalo. Rabid fans, but just a shoddy organization for the past 20 years. You’d think with the new owners (the Pegula family who also owns the Buffalo hockey Sabres and also well known for making their riches off of the environmentally destructive hydrofracking) there’d be some juice in the tank. Too many questionable decisions by the management and the Ryan Brothers just aren’t very good. This is likely their last season if the Bills fail to make the playoffs.



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