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Concussed, Man


If it’s Sunday night and you’re a football fan, you’re likely settling in for the Tom Brady-less New England Patriots and Arizona Cardinals.

You may be watching the marquee Sunday night post-game/pre-game show on NBC as Dan Patrick and company talk  about Dak Prescott’s debut and Jack Del Rio’s successful gamble. You probably have seen Aaron Rodgers’ impressive touchdown pass to Davante Adams and Russell Wilson’s game-winning drive.

But what you’re not hearing about, at least not enough, are the potentially life-altering moments from the day’s entertainment.

No “C’mon, Man” column here, but instead we’ll print a weekly “Concussed, Man” column to encourage our mainstream media to more frequently and more consistently cover concussions in the NFL.

Here is a list of the reported concussions or potential concussions from this Sunday’s action.

  • Jeremy Maclin, Kansas City: Per the Kansas City Star, Maclin passed concussion protocol before re-entering the game against San Diego Chargers. Maclin suffered a concussion last year he was knocked out in a game against the Minnesota Vikings.
  • Patrick Robinson, Indianapolis: Colts corner back Patrick Robinson left Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions and did not return. As Rotoworld put it “you can’t make this stuff up.” Rotoworld’s “you can’t make this up”was a reference to other Colts defensive backs being out for various foot and ankle injuries.
  • Sam Shields, Green Bay Packers: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Shields exited Sunday’s game in the 4th quarter against the Jacksonville Jaguars to be evaluated for a concussion. “If Shields does have a concussion, it will be his fourth dating back to college. Shields suffered his first concussion during his time at Miami and endured two more with the Packers (2011, 2015). His concussion a season ago was severe, and Shields called it the worst injury he’s ever had. When his head slammed against the ground in a win over the Dallas Cowboys last December, Shields said he blacked out on the field. Headaches lingered for weeks.” Prior to the season, the Journal-Sentinel wrote that Shields after what was his third concussion.
  • Theo Riddick, Detroit Lions: The running back was removed from the game and cleared to return in the 4th quarter Sunday against the Colts, according to ESPN. While the ESPN article mentioned Riddick’s touchdown on Sunday, it failed to mention Riddick had previously been hospitalized after suffering a concussion in the NFL.
  • Mario Williams, Miami Dolphins: According to multiple reports, Williams is being evaluated for a concussion after Sunday’s game.

We’ll add to this list as more information becomes available. If we’ve missed a player being evaluated, leaving the game because of a concussion, please drop a comment and let us know.

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