UFC: Dana White is the real punk

CM Punk, the polarizing former WWE character, took about four steps before his UFC debut was over in a flash.

The performance was really embarrassing.

His entertainment factor is the only reason Dana White gave the neophyte a chance in the octagon at UFC 203 in Cleveland. It was a disastrous debut for a guy who had zero mixed-martial arts experience in the cage.

The one-sided ass kicking that Punk sustained against prospect Mickey Gall was pretty much what most of us expected. He really had no chance, at age 37, of beating a younger, better fighter.

The fact Dana White allowed such a match to take place says a lot about his character.

White is the real punk by making a joke of the UFC.

I know what you’re thinking: Brock Lesnar set this precedent. But that comparison is not a fair one.

Lesnar was a real champion wrestler. He had real skills that he brought in the Octagon. His first match was still equally laughable when Frank Mir submitted him in an ankle lock, of all manuevers.

All CM Punk has is entertainment value. He spent two years training for this fight, knowing who his opponent would be for much of that training, and Gall still pummelled him.

White sold out. He sold out the UFC and he sold out the fans. I didn’t pay the $60 for the CM Punk fight, and the card didn’t need this laughingstock of a matchup to make it more successful.

But White saw the dollar signs.

The UFC, which heavily controls the media and its message, spent more time responding to questions about malfunctioning elevators than addressing his questionable decision-making skills. Only after CM Punk’s laughable debut does White come to his senses by suggesting that the guy hone his skills in some other division than the grande UFC.

You’d think this advice would’ve made more sense two years ago.

Clearly, common sense isn’t one of White’s stronger skills.

So, what’s next for CM Punk? Save us the tears, brah. Your post-fight press conference was as impressive as your fight. Although I respect his humility, I can’t get over the fact that he had no business being in that ring, let alone in the UFC.

Will White learn his lesson? Something tells me he hasn’t. It was bad enough how he promoted a roided out Lesnar return. But the magic he pulled for this fight tops one of his dumbest moves.

In fact, it is very possible that White will continue to water down the brand and the competition with silly matches that do more to fill his ego than respect the sport.


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