Dallas Cowboys fans naive, but the NFL is plain dumb about marijuana

Ezekiel “Zeke” Elliot very likely smokes marijuana.

You would be naive to think otherwise.

But let’s play this little game for a little bit by trying to comprehend exactly what many Cowboys fans are thinking and how they are quantifying the troubling evidence that already exists against America’s Team’s newest rookie running back.

If this were a court of law, a prosecutor would certainly raise the fact that Zeke visited a pot shop in Seattle. Sure, sure, he was a tourist and curious about what it would be like to walk into a place that legally sold weed. It’s not a completely laughable defense, but he visited the store on a preseason game day. So, that shows lack of judgment (is smoking weed really a lack of judgment anymore? I’ll get to that in a second).

But the heat on Zeke turned up a notch when the Star Telegram reported on the suspicious texts the rookie sent to his ex-girlfriend – you know, the one he was accused of abusing? (I’ll note the Ohio prosecutor passed on the case due to conflicting stories).

Following the drama, I noticed the number of Cowboys fans that denied, denied, denied. I am not going to pretend I have any evidence that Zeke smokes marijuana. I just believe he does, and quite a bit. It might help ease his temper and petulance that he has exhibited while a Buckeye lad.

The excuses these fans came up with were some of the funniest crap I’ve read since the last scandalous or pre-scandalous story about a Cowboys player. I lost count. One of the funnier arguments Cowboys fans spewed was that the story about Zeke’s texts was published by the New York Post, a publication known for hyperbolic antics. But this story was actually broken by the not-so-hyperbolic Star Telegram. There’s goes that argument.

I won’t belabor over

Which brings me to the point I really want to make: how dumb is the NFL about its policy on marijuana? What is its policy? Clearly, a lot of NFL players smoke it. A lot.

If you’re at all curious about this topic, USA Today had an interesting article back in 2015 about how despite the medicine becoming legal in almost half the states in the good ol’ USA, the NFL still bans the plant. It may be a little more lax on its testing protocols, but it’s still illegal.

NFL players can probably get an easy prescription of painkillers to help with their concussion aches, but if you live in a state in which the plant is legal, the NFL might punish you for consuming it.

This is dumb.

Ricky Williams, the NFL’s most famous rasta man, needs to carry the torch on this issue and get the NFL and Players Union to work this out because it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to punish NFL players for consuming medicine that has very little adverse side effects and has been proven to reduce pain.

How awesome would it be for Cam Newton if he could have smoked a big blunt after Thursday’s nail-biting loss to the Broncos to help relieve some of the headaches he very likely sustained after getting hit in the head twice with metal missiles?

I can accept be more tolerant of unsophisticated Cowboys fans, but I’m losing patience over the NFL’s ridiculous rules on this medicine.









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